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About the Authority

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The Thompson Regional Airport Authority can be contacted in the following ways:

P.O. Box 112
Thompson, MB R8N 1M9

Phone: 204-677-0720
Fax: 204-778-6477
Email: [email protected]

CEO/CDO, Curtis Ross: [email protected]  

Airport and Infrastructure Manager, Maggie Taylor: [email protected] 

Financial Officer, Debbie Cormier: [email protected]

Accountable Executive, Safety and Security Manager, Melissa Lounsbury: [email protected]

Partnerships and Economic Development Manager: [email protected]

Area_55 Advanced Cold Weather Test Facility: visit www.area55.ca

The Thompson Airport is operated and owned by the Thompson Regional Airport Authority.

Airport Security (Parking, etc): 204-679-9993


Thompson is Open for Business

Mining, government, hydroelectric power, cold weather testing and tourism are all essential to our region's success.

  • 1) Thompson has quickly become one of Manitoba's brightest economic hubs. From government and health care to mining, conservation and hydroelectric, Thompson is open for business.
  • 2) From gorgeous campgrounds to world-class fishing resorts, Thompson is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters. Whether you're flying up to Churchill or simply exploring Manitoba, we are proud to be your gateway to the north.
  • 3) Winter weather testing is a huge focus here in Thompson. Our cold weather draws some of the top auto and aerospace brands from around the world, with our airport serving as a key testing site at Area_55.  Learn more about cold weather testing at SubZeroNorth.ca.
  • 4) The Thompson Airport serves as both a stepping-stone and proving ground for people interested in the aviation industry. With a wide range of airline carriers and plane sizes, many excellent pilots have worked their way up the ranks here in Thompson.

Executive Team

Formed in 1999, the Thompson Regional Airport Authority (TRAA) is comprised of 3 founding members and 9 appointed board members. The 3 founding members are North Central Development, Keewatin Tribal Council and the Thompson Chamber of Commerce.

Melissa Lounsbury
Accountable Executive, Safety and Security Manager
Curtis Ross
Maggie Taylor
Airport and Infrastructure Manager
Debbie Cormier
Financial Officer
Laura Finlay
Partnerships and Economic Development

Board of Directors

The TRAA's Board of Directors is made up of local business owners, retired aviation personnel and other citizens interested in maintaining and improving the Thompson Airport.

Vince Shumka- Chairperson

Mark McClelland- Vice Chairperson

Tebesi Mosala- V.P. Operations

Raj Thethy- V.P. Finance

Bruce Krentz- V.P. Public Relations

Lydia Blais

Brian Lundmark

Dennis Green

Tom O'Brien -  Chamber of Commerce Representative, Secretary to the Board

Glen Flett- Community Futures North Central Developement Representative

Harvey Weenusk-  Keewatin Tribal Council


Located 6 miles northwest of the City of Thompson, the Thompson Airport has a catch basin of 37 towns and villages containing a population of approximately 43,000, many of which are accessible only by air during the warm months.

The Thompson Airport was originally developed by the International Nickel Company in 1961 to support their mining operations. The Airport was transferred to Transport Canada in 1963 and was operated by the Local Government District of Mystery Lake. In March of 2000, ownership was taken over by the Thompson Regional Airport Authority.

The Airport is served by Calm Air International and Perimeter Aviation with flights to Winnipeg. There are also bases for Custom Helicopters, Missinippi Airways, RCMP Air Division and Manitoba Government Air. During the fire-fighting season, Thompson is home to the Government Air water bombers.

Thompson Airport is equipped with the latest navigational aids, such as an Instrument Landing System (ILS), Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range (VOR), Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) and a Non Directional Beacon (NDB). A radar site was constructed in 1989 and became operational in 1995 and a high intensity lighting system was completed in 1992.


The Thompson Airport is looking for dynamic individuals who are passionate about northern Manitoba aviation. We have great opportunities available for people interested in the freight and passenger industry.

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